The Truth About Change

The Truth About Change

Author: Kaylie Hess
April 01, 2016


Change is not easy. Change is not fun. When it comes to the process, it’s a long one. If you’ve ever survived the process of change without exploding, you know that it takes an extra measure of grace and a supernatural manifestation of patience.

Whether you are a “skilled change agent” or a “not-so-skilled” exploder, the temptation to walk away usually surfaces when change does not happen how you want it to…especially in the church. Hope can fade, frustration can rise, and feelings of disappointment usually become clearer and clearer.

It’s no secret that many want to see change within the church; however, very few initiate change successfully. This article covers the importance of taking your disappointment to the right place, responding from a pure heart, and positioning yourself to be a carrier of a message with positive answers and solutions.

Although this is not a comprehensive list, here are three ways to become a more successful carrier of change.

1. Deny disappointment to pursue God’s presence 

Often times, in our pursuit to bring change, we hit roadblock after roadblock after roadblock. Frustration settles in, anger rises up, and bitterness tries to make its home in our hearts. Although it is a frustrating experience, it leads us to an important crossroad where we can either consume disappointment and respond or pursue the presence of God and respond.

Consuming disappointment is a lot like eating complimentary bread at a restaurant. Eat too many pieces and you’ll be too full to enjoy the meal you came for. Eat too much disappointment, and you’ll be too full to feast on God’s presence.

If we choose to consume the plate of disappointment every time something goes wrong, we won’t ever have an appetite to come before the One who empowers us to make things right. God is the only one who can wash our hearts clean and give us strategy to be effective. Whenever we try to do things independent of Him, we will not succeed. If we want to see the church move forward and experience transformation, we cannot allow our negative feelings to be the place we respond from. Instead we must run to the feet of Jesus, surrender our feelings of disappointment, and stay in His presence until our hearts beat like His again. It’s only when we respond from this place that we become carriers of the change we want to see.


2. Remember your place in the equation

”If God is your servant, He will frustrate you. But if you are His servant, you will constantly be amazed” -Bill Johnson

If we are servants of God, our job is to pursue His presence and respond to His voice. To plant where He says plant, and water where He says water. Not create our own independent agendas, and pull Him into the equation once everything is finalized.

1 Corinthians 3:7 tells us that while one plants and another waters, God is the only one who makes things grow. This is why obedience is so important. If we want to see change that is productive, we must make it a priority to get into God’s presence, ask Him where we fit into the equation, and follow His direction. If He tells us to stay silent on issues that we’re eager to speak up about, we must obey and take our frustration to His feet. If He tells us to speak up about issues we’re not eager to speak up about, we must obey and take our fear to His feet. Change happens a lot faster when we operate in our part of the equation. When we follow our own plans, however, we only get in the way.

Walking through the process of change is an interesting journey. It doesn’t always unfold how we expect, and it usually doesn’t happen in the timing we want it to.

So what do we do once we understand our part of the equation? 

3.  Position yourself to bring positive answers and solutions. 

It has been said many times that the change we are looking for is not within others, but within ourselves. Once you’ve identified a problem, don’t just point the finger, but find a way to get involved and become the change you want to see. Walk in humility and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit while making it your goal to keep your eyes set on the Father. Surrender all negative feelings to Him, and remember, “to not be weary in well doing:  for in due season you shall reap, if you faint not.” 





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